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We build fun and engaging games for young employees to improve their people skills and increase company commitment and performance.

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Making corporate learning fun

Not all heroes wear capes, but we do at Game Reflect. We’re saying ‘No’ to the laggy, tick box training courses and building games that help young employees learn important workplace skills.

Why gaming?

The benefits of playing games goes far beyond entertainment. Games develop communication skills, creativity, concentration, fast & strategic thinking, multi-tasking and make better team players & leaders. Plus, it’s fun!


Improve employee communication

Help improve the people and communication skills of younger generations and make onboarding smoother in your organisation.

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leaders of tomorrow

Nurture your employees’ quests for
leadership and level them up every
step of the way.

Increase clan

Improve engagement and loyalty to your company by taking action that has been learned from game-based encounters.
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A note from our Founder

We help companies increase young employee’s soft skills through fun & engaging games to create the leaders  of tomorrow. 

Our portal will help to measure and track young employees progress by engaging them in our fun  game based learnings, reflections and assessments.

Sameeta Sparks

Founder, Game Reflect

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